Monday, November 29, 2010


Sembang merapu dgn pia. haha

Pia:Yes, I can delete all messages from him in both my phone. Alhamdulillah
Me: GooD, no more ****** okay?
Pia: yes termasuk *****. if u want take him, jus take(lebeh kurang lah)
Me: murahnya kawan ang neh kan. haha. ijuz love his white perdana. haha
Pia: I'm also like his car and his money.
Me: Yeah, money is important to us.
Pia: And if u got money, big laugh, big smile, big shopping complex, big pocket and big shop. the man should cry. hahahaha
Me: Haha then the girl must join the man cry and dont stop until the man give us a money, then the man will working hard to give the girl a money.
Pia: hahahah. damn end of story is the man become crazy and died with no money. moral value: hows hard to paid pak iman if their die with no money. hahaha lanciau
Me:haha the theme of story is money can make man get a girlfried n died with the genius girl who take a lot of their money. haha

all of this becouse MONEY

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