Saturday, February 5, 2011

Unperfect Story

(adapted from the story of my life from form1-form5)

Yeah, I admit that I miss' her, him, them, and all my memories with Them. "I will never forget this moment. I miss those moments where I had first set foot into that school as a junior current form one. SMKPK, my school pride. I was a student, where I've known 'love' and 'couple' at the right time. Who would have thought that I would meet 'Prince bla bla bla', who are caring about me. Two years I was with him. But, no mate. Break up finally.

When I form two, nothing really exciting. but I'm very thankful because God gave me a good friend, someone who take care about me. Thanks yaw. Well, after my breakup with the "Prince bla bla bla", I met with someone who makes me smile every day, but that does not mean that I fell in love with him yaa. no no no, I just consider him as a friend only. One day, he expressed his feelings and he say he loves me and expect me to accept to be part of my life. But i can not. Sorry 'Mr. H'. then after he finishes his PMR in that year, he left school to leave me. And I never meet him again after that until now.

When i was form 3, I can not remember because there were too many tragedies that happened in that year. First, I couple with the 'Prince bla bla bla' friend. =) Handsome, perfect, the same class with me. but soon I love him, just two months, because he has a lot of scandals with many women including my good friend. Friend who supposedly want to help my relationship with him. see friends, what happened? he left you, too, eventually. ha ha. thanks' Dato' I'. then i couple with someone of the same class with my lagi.namanya similar to my name if it changed its place. I can not remember how long I was with him but not enough one year. He says he loves me more than anything but at the same time he couple with my friends. again.! but the same friend and I do not blame my friend because he is her first love. Actually at first I did not like him so I was only couple to do 'Dato' I 'just jealous. but from day to day, I liked it. after I knew about him and my friend of mine, he apologized and promised to never do again. how stupid my time, I gave him one more chance. and I remember he has changed but he is still couple wiht my friends. I am tired of all this, and I left him. fun, right? I leave it to my friends because of my 'Friendship' is more important. 'Loveship'? can be replaced by someone new. Then, start a new chapter, I fell in love with my classmates again. worse, right? ha ha. but this man is difficult to understand him. I tried to make it easy. I also long tried to get him. hey boy, why very difficult to get your love? but I did not give up. just waitting okay 'Mr. F'. ha ha.

Form 4, I was finally able to get 'Mr. F'. yeay .. I managed to get his love. but this time we are not the same class again. He took science classes, I was the class of Accounting Principles. But i can not forget the memories of the 'language lab' n KFC 'so sweet. Keep Secret. Hehe. he held my hand for the first time. people say he is'playboy' and I know and I believe it. But believe it or not when he couple with me he was sure no one else. I know it. and believe it or not sehungga now I actually have not dropped out of love with him yet because there has been no word break even. And i really love in the form 4, because I know PUJIMAE (Pija, Ummu, jah, iqah, myra, ain, ezian), you all are the best in my life. oath.

Form 5 already, I'm happy with my class, my teacher, and most importantly, my classmates. all kinds of students 'crazy', just like me. I like it. Called the senior levels, and can bully junior students. ha ha. My gang, who did not know? hehe. We are always created problems and we always make teacher angry. but we do not care. but we do not mean so. often when the rest, we'll chat for a long time and always go back later classes. break free until 10:40, but we're always in 10:50, no later than 11:00. hehe. before returning the class' get ready with own reason'. Talk about love, i meet 'Mr M', but not my old boyfriend. I met him at University Utara Malaysia (UUM), while I was dancing in sana.yeah training, I do not know why I chose him. i not long with him, he can not understand me. 4 months only. I have officially dropped out of love with him in July 2010.Quite sad actually, but want to create any kind, I already overstayed ask to break. Oh yaa, talk about UUM i meet someone before I met "Mr. F", he is my adopted brother. i want to make my boyfriend actually, but he already have a girlfriend. ha ha,shame already. ha ha. After that I want to feel like a phobia of 'couple'. and I made the decisionto select the 'love of the fantasy "with" crazy "of AKIM. just name it may appear. because I am very interested to him. But I still have the feeling to love someone but not for more serious now. now do not know why I was hard to get men in my life. But, during the school year, in 5B class I like 3 boys in the same time. crazy right? ha ha.who? just guess it babe. Most can not forget, I have two best friends of 'Princess'S' and'Prince Z'. Happy to meet with you two. But, from day to day that 'Prince' has beenmisunderstood by 'Frienfship' us. He no sense to me. I tried to accept it but .. a lot of badthings that happened and made me change my mind not to accept him. Enough with'bestfriend' only. but actually I'm glad to know you, you and 'Princess'S' always help me matter happy or sad. i love to friend with both of you.

Now I realize that people really need love, but for me it is not everything. I would never try to fall in love before I met 'MY TRUE PRINCE'. That's only my unperfet story.

p/s: thanks for reading.This story is a true story of my life and nothing to do with the living or dead. =)
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