Sunday, September 23, 2012

Baby, I love you

There are three words, that I've been dying to say to you
Burns in my heart, like a fire that ain't goin' out
There are three words, & I want you to know they are true...
I need to let you know

I wanna say I love you, I wanna hold you tight
I want your arms around me & I, want your lips on mine
I wanna say I love you, but, babe I'm terrified
My hands are shaking, my heart is racing
Cause it's something I can't hide, it's something I can't deny
So here I go...
Baby I love you

I've never said, these words to anyone, anyone at all
Never got this close, cause I was always afraid I would falll
But now i know, that I'll fall right in-to your arms...
Don't ever let me go

Take it in, breathe the air
What is there to really fear
I can't contain, what my heart's sayin'
I gotta say it out loud...

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